Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rihanna is the Illuminati Princess

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Rihanna was the princess of the Illuminati, and here is a picture to prove that she is the princess of the Illuminati, or so she called herself.

Rihanna illuminati princess

The image above was taken from her music video "S&M"

Rihanna illuminati princess

The girl who always looks sexy, trying to convey a message through his songs, including the song "S & M" that sounds dangerous to children. She sells millions of copies of the song and your childrens are trying to memorize the song lyrics of the Illuminati princess.


  1. Dude you're wrong about this .... on that music video the "newspaper" effect all the words or sentence on that is showing the news about her because the wall is full of rumors and stupid news about she beeing in illuminati, etc .. sorry for the english